Collaboration is key when it comes to ensuring businesses remain productive, particularly in multi site organisations..

At AV2000 we work with you to help you make informed business and strategic decisions that can assist in the use of collaboration and ensure you get the most from the technology you invest in.

With Collaboration becoming more and more prominent in businesses, now is a very exciting time for organisations to improve their communications to embrace collaboration. The emergence of collaborative focused solutions such Microsoft Skype for Business has transformed the way organisations communicate, how they collaborate and how they plan for investments in technology. With this in mind collaborative environments have become the forefront of strategic business decisions; and here we can help you with some of those decisions.

Start with Skype

Many people start by initially thinking of Skype as a stand-alone communications tool which comes pre-loaded onto your user’s laptop. However, Skype for Business has become the communication and collaboration solution of choice for both corporate and public-sector organisations. No matter what size the organisation, using Skype as a form of communication has become the norm for many,. With more SME businesses embracing the technology to increase productivity, it is not uncommon to see Skype in meeting rooms, board rooms and lecture theatres across the UK and the World!

Share content

In a world that is becoming more and more used to video communication, and with almost 5 billion videos watched everyday on YouTube it is surprising to note that many meeting rooms are only able to display static content with video and audio to people in the room. This means they are missing out on opportunities to share this fantastic content with people that they are collaborating with externally.

Businesses need a system that allows for dynamic content to be displayed to all members of the meeting, no matter where they are logging in from. AV2000 can provide a free AV audit and specify the systems required to meet the needs of your business, there may be an off the shelf solution to suit or a bespoke solution that will make collaboration seamless and improve productivity.

BYOD – Bring your own device

What is BYOD I hear you say? BYOD is a concept that has increased significantly in the last few years following on from the penetration of technology into the daily lives of individuals. The way in which we use technology has changed and as such we may have content that is relevant for the meeting and that we want to share saved on a number of devices; such as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers.

Previously we have relied on wires to connect but as with everything you can now connect multiple devices wirelessly to display systems; making it easier for your colleagues to share their thoughts and ideas and thus making collaboration work at its best.

Let AV2000 work with you to make your meeting rooms places of productivity, collaborate in ways that are natural to us today using the content and technology we are used to.